This fund supports students attending Kansas schools, and members of KOS, for the purpose of investigating the scientific aspects of birds found in Kansas (study area not limited to Kansas). Awards are for one year with grants up to $2,000. Priority will be given to proposals showing financial need. (Updated March 2024)

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Application Guidelines

* Complete research description and budget.
* One letter of recommendation signed, if a student, preferably by an advisor, teacher, or professional biologist.
* If applicant has previously received this award, a progress report must accompany this application.
* The deadline for application is January 15 for awards to be given for the next school year. Awards will be given by February 15. (Applications may be submitted at any time, and if funds are available, awards may be given on an individual basis.)
* Upon completion of project, submit a written report to KOS or present findings at a conference or KOS Fall Meeting.
* Send completed application to KOS Research Fund, John Schukman, 14207 Robin Road, Leavenworth, KS  66048 or E-mail: schuksaya@kc.rr.com (preferred)

Applicant Information




Telephone number______________________________________________________

Institution (if applicable) _________________________________________________



E-mail address__________________________________________________________

Candidate for degree: High School___ Bachelor’s___ Master’s___ Ph.D.___ N/A _____

Research Advisor (or other recommendation) ____________________________________

Letter of recommendation will be submitted by_________________________________

Project Description

1. Title of proposal-

2. Introduction (state problem or question to be studied)

3. Research description (describe design of experiment, and methods and materials used)

4. Location and duration

5. Describe current status of knowledge, the relevancy of this proposal, and several important literature citations

Project Budget

Identify budget justification and expenses being requested (items commonly supported: consumable supplies, living expenses in the field, travel costs for research, stipends for student assistants, permanent equipment - equipment is to stay at the institution, if awarded to a student or faculty member; items not supported: salary, overhead.)


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