KOS Avian Conservationist Award

The Kansas Ornithological Society's Avian Conservationist of the Year Award is given to an individual for making significant contributions to bird conservation and/or education.  Nominations should be made for outstanding work in bird conservation, through the management or preservation of habitats, education or research.  A nominee may be any professional, volunteer, educator or other person that has accomplished significant contributions in any of the areas listed. The nominee does not have to be a member of KOS, but the nominator must be a current member of KOS. The accomplishment should reflect a long-time commitment to bird conservation and/or education within the State of Kansas. This award will be presented during the fall annual meeting.  This award was started in 2005.


Past Recipients
2005 - Max Thompson

2006 - Stan Roth

2007 - Chuck Otte
2008 - Bob Gress
2009 - Michael Watkins
2010 - Ken Brunson
2011 - Tom Flowers

2012 - Rob Penner
2013 - Elmer Finck
2014 - Mike Rader
2015 - Ed Martinez
2016 - None
2017 - Brett Sandercock
2018 - Greg Farley
2019 - Bill Busby
2020 - None
2021 - None
2022 - Roger Boyd (full citation)
2023 - Kurt Grimm (full citation)

2024 Avian Conservationist of the Year nomination form PDF  Word (links coming soon!)

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